Since a longer bat often means a heavier feeling bat, a bat that is too long for you can slow down your timing and prevent you from catching up to and hitting inside pitches. Naturally harder, Maple offers added strength at impact. Success at the plate often comes down to this: making consistent hard contact against live pitching. Its all about preference. USSSA separates their regulations by age group, with a range of permitted weight drops and barrel diameters. All players participating in leagues that have adopted the USA Baseball bat standard will be required to use a USA Baseball-certified bat (a “USABat(s)” Standard). It replaces the standards previously adopted by the member organizations: American Amateur Baseball Congress (AABC), Babe Ruth Baseball/Cal Ripken Baseball, Dixie Youth Baseball & Dixie Boys Baseball, Little League Baseball and PONY Baseball. For instance, a 32-inch, 22-ounce bat would be referred to as a -10 bat. This is a matter of personal preference and comfort at the plate as you advance in age, league and skill level. To determine the approximate length of clubs that are right for your height, you need to know how tall you are and how far your wrists hang from the floor. 3 4 5. Those bats are preferred by contact hitters, since the two-part construction helps generate maximum swing speed without the fear of major sting on contact. For example, you can have two bats that are 30 ounces, but that have different swing weights because the 30 ounces are distributed differently in the bat. Please give us a call or send us a message. Bats are made of metal, composites, or wood. Check with your coach/league official to find out what your league rules allow. Those “hairs” and “little bits” can many times be the difference between a hit and an out. If a bat is too light for a player, the player could miss out on the extra force they could generate from a heavier bat. These are the types of finishes on a bat. Flexibility similar to Ash allows for forgiveness on non-barrel contact, decreasing the chance of multi-piece fractured breakage. Our Powerwood bat run about 2-1/2". Composite baseball bats, opposed to aluminum or wood baseball bats, incorporate a reinforced carbon fiber polymer, or composite, into the bat's construction.This composite material can make up all or part of the bat. Bats are often segmented by their given length and weight. Every component of the bat, from the knob to the end cap, is designed to maximize every ounce of performance. Here are the areas where turning models differ: © 2021 Louisville Slugger All rights reserved. So a -5 bat will feel heavier than a -10 bat. Bat length is measured in inches from knob to end cap. A longer bat gives you greater reach, allowing you to hit balls on the outside part of the plate. A-Rod uses a bat with a 2.48″ barrel. Next, it takes the second 100 samples (from 101st to 200th) and trains the network … Not all knobs are the same. In order to find the most accurate information about what can be used in your USSSA league, we recommend contacting your coach and/or league official, or checking the USSSA website. Second, hold your fingers up and look at an inch between them. If I made a prioritized list of 20 things that were important in being able to be a good hitter, I think barrel size and bat length would be 18 and 19. Birch is less dense than maple, giving it a lighter feel on comparable turning models. A way to tell if a bat is right for you is your swing speed. Different turning models have different specifications. The best way to find the right size bat for you is to demo the bat, preferably against live pitch speeds. Traditional taper: a gradual flare to the handle as it reaches the knob. For example, drop 3 is the same as saying -3 drop weight Cupping a bat is the process in which the end of the barrel is hollowed out to remove weight while maintaining length. Louisville Slugger is committed to achieving Level AA conformance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and achieving compliance with other accessibility standards. If so, how? Composite bats are made with a layered material (often carbon fiber) that is easy to distribute, giving us the ability to make bats with a variety of swing weights, from balanced to end-loaded. The hitter has no control over the pitched ball speed, and while it may vary considerably from pitch to pitch we'll assume that it is a constant. A bat that is too heavy is harder to swing, causing a loss in momentum, reduced distance or a miss altogether. The upside to swinging a shorter, or lower MOI, bat is that it allows you to wait a hair longer on pitches to be able to recognize them better AND to adjust as you swing a little better. Tee ball bats are not required to undergo lab testing to be approved under the USA Baseball bat standard – but they must bear the new USA Baseball mark on the bat. Often, a line of BBCOR bats is made with varying swing weights, from light-swinging to balanced to end-loaded. He seems to be able to connect just fine. re: Useful DOS Batch functions: Substring() and Length() The stringlength function works fine as long as %2 does not contain spaces. The top bat in the photo at right is a 30-oz 1993 Easton J-Series Graphite bat and the bottom bat is a 30-oz 2005 Louisville Slugger TPS Warrior end-loaded, aluminum bat. Height does not matter for major-league pitchers because only the truly talented make it to the major leagues in the first place. Louisville Slugger has multiple bats available in a variety of swing weights, lengths, and materials. League adoptions vary region by region, so we highly recommend consulting your coach and/or league official to understand the standard adopted by your league prior to purchasing a new bat. Balanced bats have a more even weight distribution, allowing for potentially greater swing speed for many hitters. Size and weight of the bat matter. Measure the distance from the point your hand meets your wrist to the floor. Asked by Wiki User. Little Leaguers swing a 2-1/4" barrel and also seem to hit just fine. This leads to a bat made of wood in its purest, hardest form with decals applied directly under the top coat. right this is a physics-based answer. If you make bats out of good strong wood you have to make the barrel a little smaller or the bat becomes too heavy to swing. However, longer bats also tend to have more mass towards the end of … There are lines you have to stay between to make bats. The fact is, in the range of barrel sizes you will find on wood bats, there is no difference whatsoever in the ability of  one size over the other to make good contact. The barrel is where you want to hit the ball in order to achieve maximum performance. Selecting the right bat weight depends on three main factors: sport, league rules, and player preference. As you can see, above or below a certain point, and you’re out. Bat manufacturers make bats to meet these standards. 2009-01-08 00:55:37 2009-01-08 00:55:37. The fastest growing species in professional baseball, Birch features the ideal combination of surface hardness and flexibility for increased durability.